At Logicraft, software developers are continually writing new software applications to support our market niche. Logicraft offers software packages that focus on a wide range of solution: from critical resources control and management to structured query language (SQL) interfaces, software keeps database information at your fingertips. Our applications provide the client with an instantaneous link to current and historical data. Logicraft complements its services with an access structured information management system based on Internet/Intranet technologies.

In today's high technology environment, access to information is everything. Through our software applications, Logicraft supplies its clients with the means to command the information required keeping pace in a competitive market.

Our software products fall into the following categories:

  • Airport Resource Planning, Dispatch, and Tracking
  • Aviation Fuel Operations Management Systems
  • Airport RampSIDE Operations Management
  • Interline Baggage Management Systems
  • Food Catering Management
  • Internet/Intranet Communications
  • Electronic Data Interface (EDI)
  • E-commerce Transaction Clearinghouses

Logicraft is presently under contract to implement such management software to a number of aviation customers. The Company has been contracted to:

  • Design and implement Fuel Inventory Management Systems (FIMS ) at ten (10) US based airports (JFK, EWR, LGA, HOU, SJU, STL, DFW, DCA, MCI and PHL) and perform Y2K testing at these airports
  • Develop and implement a Food Catering - Central Purchasing Unit Management Software system called KitchenSync at eight (8) aviation kitchens at (JFK, EWR, LGA, and LAX)
  • Field the RampSIDE , Management and Resources Dispatch Software System at JFK and Newark airports
  • Perform an Y2K survey for Ogden Aviation Services at 14 European airports in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic and Romania
  • Develop and implement an Interline Baggage Information System (IBIS) at JFK International Airport
  • Provide transaction clearinghouse services via its FuelCENTRAL system for Texaco Aviation Products and Equilon Aviation (Shell Oil). The system collects transaction records related to aircraft fueling from various airports and delivers them in a consolidated fashion and in a digital format to the company's customer billing system.
  • Develop and implement a Tank Farm Information Management System at JFK International Airport.