Customized Software Applications Development:

KitchenSyncTM - Purchasing Department Management System

Under contract to LSG SkyChefs, Logicraft developed KitchenSyncTM - Requisitioning, Purchasing and Receiving System. Once developed, this system was deployed at LSG production kitchens. KitchenSyncTM is Central Purchasing office management software able to communicate, control, and synchronize its data with an unlimited number of remote users, production facilities, and suppliers. It combines data security, inventory management, shopping list generation, purchase order generation, bids and supplier list management, e-mail, automatic fax generation, and management reports.
KitchenSyncTM is a most cost effective groupware application used to centralize, control, manage, and maintain all critical purchasing function at great savings to its user organization.

Download KitchenSync product information: PDF

IBIS - Interline Baggage Information System

IBIS is Logicraft's Interline Baggage Information System developed for JFK International Airport. Running on a Windows platform and using multiple barcode scanners, the system collects incoming and outgoing Interline bag data and delivers end-to-end control and accountability for interline baggage at any airport large or small. IBIS offers interline baggage handlers a powerful tool used for streamlining the handling process, plan resource utilization, and trace bags and process billing.

Download IBIS product information: PDF

Operations Review and Analysis:

Prior to engaging in the software development effort, Logicraft engineers perform a full operational review of the functions that the software intends to automate, discusses and analyzes the existing workflow, solicits input from intended users of the software and reviews available and required communication platforms for user terminals. A full development specification is then drafted for review by the customer and software development work will commence only after all parties including customer and Logicraft are in full agreement.

Software Maintenance:

Logicraft supports all products supplied by Logicraft. Various support programs are available, from 24/7 to on-call 9:00AM-5:00PM.