A Technology Partnership

Logicraft Corporation provides its aviation customers with the appropriate fuel management tools to achieve most cost effective solutions that facilitate significant savings in cost. We are an innovative technology company, qualified, experienced and knowledgeable. Logicraft addresses the inherent problems of airport fuel logistics to guaranty tight control and greater accuracy of this valuable resource.

The driving economic and competitive pressures in the commercial aviation industry have conspired to dramatically change the basic requirements for survival for every Airline and their suppliers. The climate is one of ever-increasing complexity, cost, competition, bottom line pressures, higher quality, flexibility requirements and ever-growing risk. These conditions, coupled with a negative market growth create a very receptive market for Logicraft's technology offerings. Therefore Logicraft is addressing the huge increase in the demand for integrated fuel management solutions with a wide variety of products as well as services designed for a state-of-the-art technology era.

Logicraft offers the specialized skills and expertise that are otherwise available only through higher internal staff levels and a significant investment in training.