Logicraft focuses on bringing specialized expertise to fuel management software projects. Our managers, software specialists and fuel accounting personnel integrate that expertise to bring our customers the most comprehensive solution that increases operating efficiencies, ease of use and cost savings.

  • Software Development:

    We develop fuel management solutions and integrate existing of-the-shelf solutions to that streamline fueling operations at airports, manage fuel inventories and fuel accounting, manage fuel farms and optimize resources.
  • Training:

    A comprehensive training program for our user customers in individually designed for each software application.
  • Operations Support:

    Total on-line support programs are available.
  • Technical Service Center Support:

    Is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or tailored to customer requirements.
  • Data Collection:

    Our data analysts collect data from about 241 fuel data sources in North America in customer available formats, validate the data to insure data quality and format it to customer required format to submit it daily to our customers.
  • Fuel Inventory and Accounting Management:

    Our fuel accountants post all fuel movements to each customer system, using validated data only, to close book inventories on a daily basis and report to our customers. End of Month inventory statements are collected from each inventory location for auditing against our data and negotiate corrections to errors with the airport M&O on behalf of our customers before closing the monthly inventory statements.