Avery J. Kraft, President and CEO,

founded Logicraft Corporation in 1995 to focus on developing asset management/ asset accountability/ loss prevention software systems for the commercial Airline industry. Mr. Kraft has 28 years of experience in managing systems development and implementation organizations. During these 28 years he founded and managed several successful business enterprises.

Kevin Mahoney, Director - Software Development,

has 20 years of experience in developing mission critical software applications for a great variety of computing platforms. Mr. Mahoney is the architect for Logicraft?s jet-fuel logistics management software products. Under his direction and guidance Logicraft is preparing the next generation of management tools for the aviation fueling industry.

Dr. S. Davidovics, Ph.D. Director - Internet Technologies.

He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences and brings to the Company 25 years of software development, system integration, and IS management experience most of it in Internet operations. Dr. Davidovics is the source of knowledge necessary to continuously keep up to date with latest developments, computing platforms and communication methods on which Logicraft?s products are based.

Alexander Veyberman, Manager - Fuel Data Services,

joined Logicraft in the year 2000 and established the company?s infrastructure for fuel data collection, data validation, interface to customer legacy systems and data storage.